About Our School

shkola klass Oksani

Our Russian School was established in March 2014.

At present we teach about 60 students who came to the UK not only from Russia but also from Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. Russian proves to be a widely spread and popular language among former Soviet Union citizens and our school is a vivid example of that.

Our students are divided into four groups in accordance with their age and abilities: 4-5 y.o., 6-8 y.o, 9-10 y.o., and 11-15 y.o. We teach Russian in compliance with modern standards and programmes of comprehensive schools in Russia but with adaptation to the specific needs of our children since many of them come from bilingual families.

Our staff consists of 5 fully qualified teachers of the Russian language, history and ESOL, boasting an extensive academic background and many years of work experience. Our parent volunteers are always there to help with Art, Maths and IT.

We also have got a mobile library of children's books including those for leisure and educational purposes.

One of the biggest achievements is our drama club "Lesenka" for our children to participate in regular performances across the UK.

Love and passion for the Russian language, culture and folk music united us all with resulted in creation of a dancing group called "Russian Khorovod Ivushka" consisting primarily of mums of our children performing Russian folk dances in national costumes.

School address:

Russian School of Northampton
Caroline Chisholm School
Wootton Fields

For more information, please call Katya Watkins (Principal): 07714404466